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Frequently asked questions

We understand you’ll have questions about how call answering works and that you will want to know why you need a call handling service in the first place!


We’ve prepared a list of FAQs which we hope will go some way to explaining what we do and how we do it. Please also refer to our Services page for details of our four packages designed to help you and your business.

If you need to speak to a person, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’d love to hear from you.

Catch Your Calls was set up in response to customer demand for a telephone answering service.

It is a partnership between Carole Meyrick and Jane Mellor, who have been running their own Virtual Assistant businesses for many years and are themselves skilled Virtual Receptionists.  They are joined by a carefully selected and trained team of Virtual Receptionists, all of whom have a wealth of experience, including customer service.  Our professional team provide a seamless interface with your clients.

Running a business is difficult enough without worrying about missing calls.  Prospective customers will ring a competitor if you don’t answer, and no-one likes leaving a voicemail message.  And what do you do when you’re away from the office?  Or you’d like to go on holiday?

We take time to learn about your business, are highly responsive to your requirements, and provide a bespoke service driven by your needs. 

Catch Your Calls provides several levels of service, tailor-made to each client’s needs.  Each level provides a personal interface with your caller, with calls to your business being answered in a professional manner with your business name within 3 rings by one of our trained Virtual Receptionists.  Following your directions, a comprehensive message will be taken and emailed to you on completion of the call.

Find out more about our services

Our core hours are 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Thursday, and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Friday.

Following your initial contact, we’ll arrange to talk to you about your requirements and send you  information covering our Virtual Receptionist Services, FAQ and Pricing.  Once you decide which plan most closely matches your needs, we’ll send you form to complete and return, which will give us the information we need to draw up a Client Agreement to send you for electronic signature.  We will also send you your first invoice for payment upon receipt.

Once we’ve received the signed agreement and your payment, we’ll purchase a geographic number for you to divert your calls to and set you up on our system.  Your company name will appear on our handsets, and we’ll answer each call in your name.

You can be up and running within 2 hours, depending on how quick you get the information back to us!

No.  As long as you have a broadband/telephone line, you can set your ‘phone to come to us either:

  • When there is no answer,
  • When your line is engaged, or
  • When you divert all calls to come straight through to us.

Yes, but not all providers offer the option to set up a divert to another number.  Please check with your provider.

Only if you exceed the number of calls allocated in your plan.  We download call records at the end of each month to make sure you are on the right plan for you.  If it appears you are using more, or less, than the calls included in your plan we’ll contact you and show you your call usage sheet to illustrate the difference between what you thought you may be using and what you have actually used.  We’ll then help you choose a plan more appropriate for your usage.  That said, we’re quite happy to send you a monthly call log if you let us know you’d like one.

Yes, we do.  There will be times when you need extra help, whether for planned holidays, sick leave, or unexpected gaps in your normal call answering capacity.   We’ll happily step into the breach, even at short notice, to help you maintain a seamless service to your clients.

Short term plans are available on a weekly basis.  Please ask us for details.

Looking for a quality call handling service? 

We’re here to help you interface seamlessly with your clients by making sure all your calls are answered.